Sonntag, Mai 02, 2010

More drawings from the past -to be continued

European bison study-young male

Indian rhinoceros


European bison -female

Przewalski horse-(the shorttailed female from
Munich zoo-her name Sitka)


Mike Woodcock hat gesagt…

All very beautifully done, but the horse and the chamois are simply outstanding.

Måns Sjöberg hat gesagt…

I agree. So vivid and detailed at the same time. Very impressing!

Fran A.H. Alvarado hat gesagt…

Hola Über, no comocia tu blog y me ha sorprendido gratamente encontrarlo. Lo adjuntaré a mi lista de blogs.
Un saludo, Fran

Anonym hat gesagt…
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Juan Carlos Gálvez hat gesagt…

I hope you can read this comment .It would mean I understand german more than I expected ('cos it's german ,isn't it?).
Amazing job.
Next time in spanish words (I supose I'll tell you more things about your work).
Kind regards

Dougalis hat gesagt…

Thank you all so much!