Samstag, Juli 06, 2013

New studies at Nymphenburg park-Munich

Tawny owl , watercolour study from life,(with the aid of a telescope) Nymphenburg park

Yellow legged gulls pair, Bic pen, Nymphenburg park

Great crested Grebe, breeding, watercolour, Nymphenburg park


marc calvo hat gesagt…

I detect that the tawny owl must be one of your favorite animal,this sketches looks good detailed.Congratulations,Paschalis.

Paschalis hat gesagt…

Thank you Marc! I wouldn`t claim that I have favorite birds or animals except of BonellI`s eagles, but the Tawny is almost always there , (this roost is well known in Munich for decades), and easy to spot and study through the telescope..

Måns Sjöberg hat gesagt…

Your style allows details without overworking the pictures - the outcome of direct observation and natural postures and lighting I suppose. These drawings and paintings are marvelous!

Noushka hat gesagt…

Excellent work!
You really have talent to sketch animals!
I love detailed drawings!

Paschalis hat gesagt…

Mans, Noushka Thanks a lot!


Guillermo García-Saúco S. hat gesagt…

Awesome sketches, Paschalis. When I see your biro drawings, it makes me want to try that technique.
Thank you for showing your work

Paschalis hat gesagt…

You should do it Guillermo!
Thanks for your comments!

Øivind Egeland hat gesagt…

Hello Paschalis! The owl is wonderful, as are the other sketches as well. You really are a great inspiration to many field sketchers.
By the way, I'm going to Crete for a week in October. Send me a message if you know about good sketching opportunities on the island.