Dienstag, November 10, 2015

New Tawny owl life study

This is the Tawny owl life study from today morning. Never seen this individual before, a pretty cooperative fellow! Painted using gouache colours, a solely brush study without preliminary pencil drawing


Jeremy Pearse hat gesagt…

Just love this study too! Very delicate handling of the owl's plumage - especially well done in watercolor. And I also love the way you painted the claws of the one foot just visible in the lower part of the painting - it is attention to smaller details like this that gives authenticity to the work - stunning!

Paschalis Dougalis hat gesagt…

Thank you so much Jeremy!I was privileged to have an excellent model, which posed for hours at the same pose, enjoying the sunlight.The use of the telescope enables me to get close enough without disturbing the birds