Dienstag, August 23, 2016

Zoo animals & Bird life studies -Riesa zoo / Saxony

I`m just back from a short five days trip to Saxony visiting family and close relatives.
There is a small zoo with mainly european species and couldn`t miss the chance to make some life studies.Here they are the results..
Eagle owl study, Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

Brown hare , head study, Bic pen

Brown hare detail, Bic pen

Brown hare study, Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

Common crane,  Bic pen

European mouflon, Bic pen & Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

Japanese green pheasant study, Bic pen

Przewalski horse, Bic pen

Roe deer female, Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen

White stork study, Bic pen & Faber -Castell Pitt artist pen


Jeremy Pearse hat gesagt…

Great work! I especially like the Eagle Owl and hare studies. Did you do any color renditions? Would love to see them if you did!

prasad natarajan hat gesagt…

truly masterclass, awesome studies!

Paschalis Dougalis hat gesagt…

Thank you both!
No colour studies I`m afraid Jeremy.
There wasn`t enough time available..