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Passenger pigeon studies

Passenger pigeons, their abundance, and spectacular migration, nesting sites and extinction after all  fascinated me since I`ve read about them for the first time.That one of the most common birds in the world became extinct in such a short period of time, it is one of the biggest crimes in human history.As an artist, I have no other possibility than to try to bring them back to life at least in my drawings and paitings.Attached a series of drawings I did lately, showing the birds in their daily activities..


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Thylacine or Tasmanian tiger -The adventure of a study

..The Thylacine is a legendary species which lived in Australia and Tasmania and seems that is already extinct, since there is no credible evidence that the animal still exist for decades now. Attached, my efforts to depict the animal, starting with the initial pencil drawing , and showing the process step by step to the finished pen drawing. Eventually , I noticed several mistakes on his anatomy, decided to revise the image, started a couple of watercolours, and managed to complete at least one . Forgot to mention that videos taken in Hobart zoo( Tasmania) in the 30`s of last century have been a great help while creating my image.

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New european tree guide

A new european tree guide has been published by the german publisher KOSMOS
a week ago..
My contribution was to illustrate 351 tree species occuring in Europe, and took
me almost two years to complete the series...
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Larix kaempferi

Juniperus turbinata ssp. canariensis

Callistemon viminalis

Abies alba

Tsuga heterophylla