Dienstag, August 23, 2011

Berlin Tierpark-Raptor studies

I've spend last weekend in Berlin and had the chance to visit after many years the East Berlin zoo
with it's rich mammal and bird collection.
The Raptors are always worth a visit and I couldn't resist to make a couple of studies...

Eastern imperial eagle

Harpy eagle female


Øivind Egeland hat gesagt…

Magnificent, as always. The head of the Golden Eagle is just perfection. It would be fun to see you work some time - it looks as you might be pretty quick?
Regards, Øivind

Øivind Egeland hat gesagt…

I just saw that it's an Imperial Eagle! They're not too far apart, though. Still perfection :-)

Jose A. Sencianes Ortega hat gesagt…

I like the Harpy Eagle and the texture of lines os the feathers. Good work Paschalis!

Fran A.H. Alvarado hat gesagt…

I love the classical style you use in your studies.
The Harpy eagle female is fantastic.