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Two years ago , in March of 2009, I was very privileged to be invited
to join an international group of nature artists in a ANF (Artists for Nature Foundation)
and SPNI(Society for the protection of Nature in Israel) Project
which took place at the magnificent Hula Valley in northern Israel.
The Hula Valley, an agricultural region in northern Israel with abundant fresh water
and many swamps has been almost completely drained during the 50's of 20th century.
Today, 60 years later, the importance of the lost ecosystems has been recognized and
recently a small section of the former lake and swamp region was reflooded in order to
recreate partly the former environment.
Meanwhile , the whole area has been transformerd to one of the most important stop overs
of migrating birds in the Middle East, and the main overwintering ground for thousands of Cranes,as well of Pelicans,and Eagles ...
The whole scenery was magnificent, the people there extraorinary friendly and helpful,
and the artists..I had the great luck to work in the field with artists like Barry van Dusen, Bruce Pearson, Wolfgang Weber, Harriet Mead, Denis Clavreul to name but a few...ten days long!
I'm so grateful particularly to Ysbrand and Zev for inviting me there, Juan for being suggested and Amir for his companionship and friendship!
Just click on the title above in case you want to read more and look after the gorgeous book

Book cover

Agmon lake with Mountain Hermon in the background


Imperial & Great spotted eagle

White breasted Kingfisher


Francisco J. Hernández hat gesagt…
Fantastic !!, .. I hope one day we can draw together in a place like this .. All the Best !!!

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