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Brown bear

Markhor wild goat

Markhor wild goat

Capercaillie male

Capercaillie female


alberto hat gesagt…
Hi Paschalis,
beautiful work!

Måns Sjöberg hat gesagt…
Magnifiscent as usual! You have the ability to render life and detail at the same time, really difficult!
Paschalis Dougalis hat gesagt…
Thank you both Alberto and Mans!
This is my aim Mans!
I'm just trying to understand and imitate the real thing -nature...
I hope I'll come very close sometime..

Øivind Egeland hat gesagt…
Hello Paschalis,

I have really enjoyed looking through both new and old posts. Your work really shows that you have intimate knowledge of the wildlife that you are drawing, and your technique is outstanding. I have made a link to this page in my own blog.
Yours, Øivind
Paschalis Dougalis hat gesagt…
Thank you Øivind!

Kerry hat gesagt…
You have amazing talent. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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