Montag, Juni 27, 2011

New european tree guide

A new european tree guide has been published by the german publisher KOSMOS
a week ago..
My contribution was to illustrate 351 tree species occuring in Europe, and took
me almost two years to complete the series...
Just click on the above title to see more ...

Larix kaempferi

Juniperus turbinata ssp. canariensis

Callistemon viminalis

Abies alba

Tsuga heterophylla


Federico Gemma hat gesagt…

Gorgeus artwork Paschalis! 351 species of trees with a fantastic details! Well done!

Alejandra Toledo hat gesagt…

Good afternoon!
I am from Spain and I love drawing. I have being watching your blog and I am impressed with the power of your stokes, with the hability of your strokes to grant litgh, shadow and give life to the eyes.
Congratulations and encouragement!

Best regards,

Dougalis hat gesagt…

Federico,glad that you like it!
Alejandra , many thanks for your kind words, and welcome on board!