Sonntag, Mai 20, 2012

Fieldsketching trip to Northern Greece-May 2012

 I`m just back from Northern Greece, where I spend a week watching, studying  and sketching
birds. I had a great time as always, I can`t complain, the weather was fine , the expected bird species
to see were there, and finally I`ve been rewarded with  a series of studies done on location .
I saw for the first time in my life Collared pratincoles and enjoyed the song of the Barred warbler in particular, watching them at close quarters...
Most of birds gave me great views and made me considering to plan an other trip at the same time maybe next year...

Barred warbler singing, Lake Mikri Prespa, Bic black pen

Great reed warbler singing, Lake Mikri Prespa, Bic black pen

Bee eater study , Lake Mikri Prespa, Bic black pen

An other Bee eater study, also from the same area, Bic black pen

Pygmy cormorant, Lake Mikri Prespa, Bic black pen

Collared pratincole, sketched at late afternoon, Bic black pen

An incubating collared pratincole, Korinos saltmarshes, Watercolour study

Collared pratincole, Korinos saltmarshes, Bic black pen


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Excelentes bocetos Paschalis. Un viaje a Grecia muy productivo y espero que gratificante. Sacas un resultado impresionante al "bic".

ondedacqua hat gesagt…