Mittwoch, Mai 30, 2012

Raptor studies-Wild park Poing

  I spend the whole morning at a private park close to Munich
hoping to get few coloured studies completed. The rainy weather
changed my plans, and managed to get several B & w sketches
sitting under my umbrella...

Red Kite portrait, Bic black pen

Red Kite study, Bic black pen

An other Red Kite portrait, Bic black pen

Saker falcon portrait, Bic black pen


Marc Heath hat gesagt…

Beautiful sketches.

Stacey Moore hat gesagt…

Lovely quick sketches

Jose A. Sencianes Ortega hat gesagt…

Que buenos esos milanos!!!!

ondedacqua hat gesagt…

beautiful work

Fran A.H. Alvarado hat gesagt…

Paschalis, eres un maestro. Me encanta el grafismo y las texturas que consigues usando el bolígrafo.
Un saludo

Måns Sjöberg hat gesagt…

The magazine is now at the printer's. I'll send you a few copies as soon as I get them. Wonderful sketches! Take care! Måns

Måns Sjöberg hat gesagt…
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Paschalis hat gesagt…

Thank you Mans!


Øivind Egeland hat gesagt…

I would be surprised if anyone anywhere has a better ability to capture the character of a bird in a field sketch. Your recent work is a great inspiration. The Barred Warbler in your previous post must be one of my all time favourite pieces of bird art. Is it for sale :-)?
Regards, Øivind