Mittwoch, April 11, 2018

New Tawny owl life studies

It was the perfect sping day today, and since I haven`t been in Nymphenburg park for ages, I drove there in the morning and the only Owl I found first, was one of the pair close to Pagodenburg. My first ever study from life using Acryla Gouache.On my way back to the car I met a couple of photographers who led me to an other Owl, a new one of the Reddish phase posing and enjoying the sunshine. The setting was excellent, but sadly I didn`t have enough time, so I decided to make a monochromatic study, and promised to myself to go back for a coloured version soon.


Matteo Grilli hat gesagt…

Hi Paschalis, I have ordered Vogel -Zwischen Kimmel und Erde and Was fliegt denn da? by Kosmos. Both amazing books, the bird guide especially, such and amazing endeavour, one of the top guides on European birds I've seen. I wish I could understand German better.

Best wishes,


Paschalis Dougalis hat gesagt…

That means you`ve got them already!
Thank you so much your kind words!


Matteo Grilli hat gesagt… is very quick, still flicking through Was fliegt denn da? ... fantastic lay-out, so much information compacted ... I just love it!