Dienstag, Mai 30, 2017

Nürnberg zoo - Life studies

I went back to the Nürnberg zoo , but this time alone , hoping to do some fieldwork.The day was extremely warm, summer-like at 32 °C! Thanks God, there are a lot of trees in the zoo and I looked for shady places. Attached , the yesterday`s "harvest"...

Harpy eagle watercolour study at Nürnberg zoo
Harpy eagle, speedy head study in Nürnberg zoo, sketched from life using various fineliners

Speedy sketch of one of the main entrance statues in Nürnberg zoo. Derwent graphik liner, grey tone
An immature grey heron , one of many in Nürnberg zoo. I used various fineliners to sketch it

Steller`s sea eagle , speedy sketch in Nürnberg zoo

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